Tilsvar til vurdering

Lack of communication

I have visited doctor Emma Beltran in mid January 2018. And sadly I cannot say that the experience was pleasant.

First of all, when I called in to registered, reception told me to come in at the same time as my boyfriend (he was visiting the same doctor, due to the ear infection). But once we both showed up, reception did not know if doctor will be able to see me and the doctor was not informed that more than one patient is coming at that specific, pre-agreed time. Once I actually got to see the doctor, I got to know that I am not registered in their system, even though Helfo informed me, that I have successfully changed my doctor to E.Beltran back in August 2017.

I came in with big abdominal pains, that were disturbing my quality of life, did not allow to fall asleep at night and grew bad enough for me to feel weak in my whole body, as if I would collapse at any time, as well as feel nauseous.

E. Beltran assured me that such pains can have multiple explanations, prescribed me painkillers and drugs that should control acid in my stomach. She also ordered for blood sample and stool sample to be taken.

However, after delivering all the samples I did not receive any information back from the doctor with any possible explanations, why these paints occurred in the first place. Drugs managed to contain the pain for a while, yet not I am experiencing the same abdominal pains again.

Due to the lack of communication and follow up I still have no idea on why these pains occur.