Tilsvar til vurdering

Supportive and interested

I've changed to doctor Scorpios after some bad experiences at the previous office, and a recommendation from a friend. She is not your "typical" doctor, she has a lot of personality.
Positive things are that she is very interested in the person, and will follow up, even by calling several times untill I pick up the phone, to tell me the results of the tests are not good. She always seems a bit upset that she has to take money from students. Being a doctor is her life.
Not so good things are that you always have to wait long in the waiting room. Even more than 1 hour. It's due to her interest in the person, but it is difficult to stand it in a small waiting room, without ventilation, and without access to water.
Also I find it difficult to communicate, since I don't speak well Norwegian, and she doesn't speak well English, so I don't know why is she a recommended doctor for students (so many internationals on the university!).
The doctor's office she works at is not nearly new. Seems clogged and not fresh.
All in all recommend the doctor, don't recommend the office.