Tilsvar til vurdering

Very bad experience

The doctor is very unfriendly and irresponsible.. I was pregnant and they took my blood for 12 weeks blood test, but doctor has forgotten to send the request to the hospital.. I was waiting for the results, and when I asked about it next week, they took my blood again due to the doctors mistake.. And the waiting time with this doctor is too long for the most of the time.. Once I had to wait 1 & half hours until she calls my name.. Also I always had to remind her, what to do every week I visited during my pregnancy.. I won`t recommend this doctor to any body..

Also, the Sandnes medical center it-self is very bad.. Phone operating hours are very limited.. They don`t answer the phone most of the time, sometimes have to hold onto the call for almost 30 minutes.. Online, appointment system also not user friendly..