Tilsvar til vurdering

Lacking communication skills

The doctors in this legesenter are good overall. What is dangerously bad, is the whole office.

They will never ever initiate contact with you, even if your blood results come out and you are in a critical condition! It is their policy, as they told me, to never initiate contact with any patient.

There is absolutely no way to contact the doctor directly, even if he forgot to write something in the visit you just had. You need to explain your medical condition to different nurses over the phone that will pass the message to the doctor. And of course it's your responsibility to call back to find out if it's taken care of or give even more details to a different nurse every time.

The contact times are extremely short and the lines and the people are always busy. If you work on a day job you have to interrupt many times, many days to actually get through to them.