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Not take patient serious

My doctor was on the vacation and got the appointment with doctor Gulshan Rana instead. I didn't meat her before, but I Google the her name, knew the doctor should be a female. During my waiting time I didn't see any female doctor.
I came 30 mins earier, and after my appointment time was passing 17 mins I came to reception inquiry about if doctor was on duty that day. Reception just said might be she was late. Right after I finished inquiry with reception, she showed up from a corner ( not her office, not blood lab, not any investigation room).
She only heard my question, not even had look of my symptoms and then write the medicinal recipe immediately. She only use 3 mins to finish the whole conversation.
Maybe because I am not her patient, so she doesn't care, however, as a doctor I thought treat your patient no difference is the basic requirement....