Tilsvar til vurdering

Could not care less

I have been a patient for a couple of years and fortunately I didn’t have much of a need for a GP. Maybe I met her once, and every other time (3 or 4) I have been followed by someone that was replacing her. Nothing wrong with that, considering that so far the doctors replacing her were quite understanding and helpful, until today.
I have booked an appointment to check on a couple of things and I received the confirmation for one month after, my problems were not of a huge need but I still wonder: one month?
The day I’m supposed to go, I get a message 30 min before, that the doctor is sick. Okay, it can happen. If not that I receive the message that the appointment has been postponed to ANOTHER month time! Is it fair that since my needs are not of a big urgency I have to wait another month, or is it because I have been unlucky enough to have the appointment on the day the doctor called sick? Has everyone else whom had the appointment after me been moved of one month? I doubt that. Anyway, nothing to do. At the office, they say they cannot help me and I have to stick to the appointment I’m given.
I wait for another month and finally I get to go to the appointment I had scheduled! There are a couple of other thing that popped up (in two months, it can happen, can’t it?) some that even made me worry, and so I start talking to the doctor working for Dr. Gundersen. After my second issue, all of a sudden I am told that I am out of time, other people were waiting and that if I wanted to express some others of my concerns, I could schedule another appointment. First appointment available in? ONE MONTH!
Now I start to wonder: is it possible that I’m getting worried for things that are of so little concern that I am to be pushed this far? Is it clear that I’m not the type that goes to the doctor every other day, it probably says how many times I asked for a professional opinion on my file. Am I entitled to express doubts to the doctor when I finally get to the (in)famous scheduled appointment?
I have never felt like such a burden. That my problems were so irrelevant to be treated like I have been treated today, that I’m there stealing time that belongs to others.
I thought that I could count on my doctor, but apparently I cannot.
The message that comes up from my experience is: “We couldn’t care less” of what is your problem, your expectations or your needs. We just don’t.